Experience The Atmosphere Of The Montreal F1 Grand Prix Event

No self-proclaimed car and Formula 1 aficionado should let himself/herself miss being in the Canadian city of Montreal this June. The reason is more than obvious, as during a single weekend in June, Montreal will be visited by hundreds of thousands of tourists from all over the world, for a single purpose – to watch the canadian grand prix.

An unforgettable experience

22djkhWatching an event such as this is an unforgettable experience. From the moment Montreal Grand Prix event starts, the air becomes humid and thick, and the haze and heat envelop the downtown area of Montreal. Its streets start to echo with a dull roar from tens of thousands of car junkies from all over the globe, as they start converging in mass numbers on downtown Montreal. The sights of shining chrome, glossy mags, as well as both performance and vintage cars, start filling the streets, as their proud owners rev their engines, so as to show their power under the hood.

One of the biggest events in Canada

The Formula 1 Grand Prix event is one of the biggest annual events in Montreal, and Canada, in general. Every June, the entire city becomes one big Formula 1 show stage, as its people become excited and car crazy. Corner stores, restaurants, cafes, outlets stores, and malls start displaying massive banners and flags, so as to show support for their favorite F1 teams. Friendly rivalry discussions take place over a couple of drinks and locals, as well as tourists, start discussing the possible outcome of the race and chances of various drivers.

The largest and most popular Montreal streets are closed off and barricaded, with the aim of turning them into actual massive pedestrian malls. Restaurants and all kinds of food establishments hastily start setting up impromptu terraces in front of their buildings, so as to attract as many visitors as possible and offer them their best products. Being there, it is impossible not to feel like you have come to a giant festival, which hosts more than half a million visitors.

The location

The Montreal Grand Prix event usually starts on Thursday and continues throughout the weekend, culminating with the main racing event during Sunday afternoon. The main race itself takes place on the famous isle of St.Helene, at one of the most challenging and famous F1 racing circuits. This circuit bears the name of one of the all-time F1 legends, Gilles Villeneuve, who was a Montreal native.

A plethora of exciting activities

33mnjdjfjhThe Formula 1 championship and its tradition run deep in Montreal, and the city takes great pride in being a host of such a spectacular event and being the birthplace of one of the greatest F1 drivers in history. Throughout the entire weekend, visitors can engage in a wide variety of fun activities. To enjoy the weekend, you do not have to be track-side. The majority of visitors usually come to relish in the festival atmosphere and enjoy many side activities. Almost all of the fun activities and action in downtown Montreal are free, and these include various special events, as well as live night-long concerts. Many would say that there is as much fun and excitement in downtown Montreal, as there is at the Grand Prix event itself, if not more.

If you consider yourself an avid car and racing lover, The Grand Prix weekend in Montreal is something you should not miss.

Money saving tips when traveling

Do you have any plans of taking a break after a lot of months of working? Well then making a trip out of town to a holiday destination is a brilliant decision to make. However, if your budget is a limited one, then you might want to teach yourself some money saving tips, to enable you to have an enjoyable vacation. A lot of individuals tend not to travel a lot because they view it an expensive endeavor. This is not always the case because saving money when you travel is not a hard task. Below are some tips you can utilize if you want to save money while you are traveling:

Call the hotel before booking

You should make sure you call the hotel you plan to stay in before booking it through the internet. Though making travel arrangements online is more convenient, it does not assure you that you will land on the best available deal. It is advisable to call the hotel depending on your planned arrival time and talk to a manager or supervisor on duty. Inquire if they can offer you an affordable package. Some hotels usually offer discounts to travelers who are in need of rooms that are not as coveted as the others. Other hotels offer complimentary upgrades for a night to those individuals celebrating their birthdays or anniversaries.

Make price comparisons on airline tickets

Many people prefer to purchase their airline tickets online over the phone because it offers more convenience. However, it is wise to compare airline ticket prices through calling the airline and confirming if the ticket price is the same as what is shown on the internet. You should also find out if there are extra fees. After doing all the above go ahead and choose the one that offers a lower rate.

Book everything on your own

Travel agents and booking websites offer their services of planning your flight at a fee. You will save cash by booking each element on your own by getting in contact with the travel agent’s preferred hotel and airline. If you do so, you will have the opportunity to contact other choices so as to make price comparison.

Do not travel during peak seasons

If the number of tourists is high, then travel cost also rises. Though traveling during the holiday seasons like Christmas or Easter is a very good idea, you can save a lot of money on flights and hotel rooms if you exercise patience and wait to travel once the peak seasons are over.

Questions to ask yourself when choosing a vacation destination

With all the challenges and stress we face in our daily lives, the places we choose to spend our holidays and vacations should be perfectly taking care of our needs. Some individuals might be comfortable with a big city full of lights and nightlife as a perfect choice for a getaway, but a lot of people prefer that their vacation destinations are filled with nature and relaxing activities. If you are experiencing challenges in making a decision on where you should go for a holiday know that you are not alone. Various travel agencies and trip advisors are available to help you in locating the appropriate holiday destination for you. Below are some questions you should ask yourself when picking your vacation destination:

What type of vacation destination do you prefer?

Do you want a destination that is filled with rivers, mountains, and wildlife? Or you will be okay with the busy life of a noisy city? A lot of individuals would prefer the natural setting because it will provide relaxation and also peace and a quiet environment to talk with your friends and love ones if you traveled with them. Towns in places with mountains provide more space and privacy to enable you to enjoy the time you spend on your vacation.

What are your favorite activities?

There are a couple of activities you can do in a mountain town. You can choose to do mountain biking which will enable you to view the breathtaking sites while also exercising. For people that love animals, riding horses is an activity that you will enjoy, and it comes complete with tours and storytelling.

Do you like hiking or geocaching?

If you are a minimalist, then there is no better past time than hiking or geocaching. Vacationing does not have to be sophisticated. You can also take extended walks in the presence of wildlife as a way to start your day, or you can do it for the entire day. A lot of mountain towns have various places you can hike or do geocaching adventures with you loved ones.

Do you enjoy lodging?

If you want to have a pleasant and relaxing experience make sure you stay at an excellent resort or enjoy luxury lodging when you are not out enjoying the nature. A good lodging should have breathtaking views, open spaces, and quality services to enable you to enjoy yourself and relax with no worries at all.